MK-IV Pixel [2021-present]

the current iteration of Pixel, MK-IV. designed from scratch by myself, and hand-modeled in 3D by [Battle Bunny Studios]. He is the current stream model and my personal favourite OC.

species: android catboy

gender: male

age: 2021-present


AI: copycat.AI

height: 5"3 [160cm]

weight: 250 lbs

shoe size: 25.4 cm

blood type: coolant


pixel's body is mainly made of composite metals coated in a light layer of silicone. he is soft and firm to the touch.


his joints are internal motors with a carbon fiber shell that has been polished with epoxy to make it smooth and shiny.


everything that is blue is a clear hard plastic shell with RGB lighting underneath. it stays blue most of the time, but it can turn any other colour.


His hair and tail are made of soft faux fur that smells like cinnamon candy.