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"are your commissions open?"

  • yes. all of my commissions are handled through ko-fi, you can check availability and commission me here: [clicking here.]  if it says 'sold out', it means that the slots are full, please check again later.


"How can I support one time / monthly?"

  • ko-fi is the best way to support me with a one-time tip or with a monthly subscription. thank you for considering supporting me ;v; [click here to go to ko-fi]


"can I edit/use x vtuber asset?"

  • yes. all my vtuber assets are 100% free use. You may edit, share, use, or trace them for either commercial or personal use. treat them like your own images because they are creative commons creations.

"can I draw your OCs?"

  • yes, please do! I love fanart of all kinds. our fan tag is #catmechaRT for fanart and stream memes.


"what are your pronouns/identity?"

  • I identify as Non-Binary and prefer They/Them pronouns. I won't correct people who use she/her or he/him. My sex is female and I have an endocrine disorder that produces more male hormones in my body.

"can I reupload x artwork to instagram/reddit/etc"

  • yes, but please credit by linking to my social media. when linking isn't possible, please credit "catboymech" as the artist. please respect the wishes of IP owners in cases where the artwork is a commission for someone else or if it's for my own personal use (like pixel). you may use the artwork for headers/pfps/etc with credit. (this does not apply to vtuber assets, use those freely)

"can I colour/finish this black and white picture?"

  • yes. you can colour anything of mine that you like, and upload with credit like above.

"do you have any advice for streaming/artwork?"

  • the best advice I can give is to enjoy what you're doing. the biggest chore to improving anything is practicing self-motivation. you need to enjoy what you're doing so that you can spend the hours needed to improve yourself. open your eyes to see errors that need fixing, open your ears to listen to criticism, and open your mind to trying new things.

"do you still draw vore/furry?"

  • No, I no longer have interest in creating this content as I have been hurt in the past over drawing it when I was uncomfortable with it. I will not be returning to furaffinity/ekas, and I appreciate gentleness and respecting privacy around these subjects.

"when did you start streaming?"

  • I’ve been streaming off and on over the years since 2013, maybe 2-3 times a year, mainly art streams. but in 2019 I was finally able to subscribe to an internet package that allowed for unlimited data. I started streaming late fall 2019 on picarto, then I had my first full-time twitch stream on saturday, november 23rd, 2019.

"what is your stance on loli/shota art?"

  • I have unfortunately drawn fictional characters in the past in that style due to peer pressure and for financial reasons. I no longer draw nor endorse the creation of that style of art.

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